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Adley Group is a pharmaceutical company based in India. Adley labs as a pharmaceutical unit is a combined effort of different units. Adley Labs has diverse health care manufacturing units : Adley labs, Savoy Biotech, Rishi herbals, Oncology, Adley Dairy, and specific KRAs assigned to each ensuring maximum optimization. Our pharmacy products range from tablets and capsules, injections, ointments, solutions, and suspensions. to the day- to-day health care products. Adley's team of efficient scientists work from finding the solution to fatal diseases like cancer through extensive research to the medicines required in routine life.
The therapeutic areas are cardiovascular, antibiotics, CNS, antiinflammatory, oncolytic, anti-diabetic, analgesic, dermatology, respiratory, oncare, and women's health. Adley labs is a believer in innovation and that is precisely why we have launched a range of herbal health products as well. Good health is vital to all of us so our continuous effort is to provide affordable and sustainable heath solutions.

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Adley Formulations is a research based pharmaceutical company


Adley Formulations is a research based pharmaceutical company

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Adley Dairies Launched with the target production of 1 million ton of milk.
Adley Launched Adcumin : Product to fight against cancer.