Healing properties of Curcumin Longa in Cancer

19 February 2016

Curcumin is one of the most studied and used chemo-preventive agents which is extracted from turmeric. The active ingredient in turmeric is known as Curcumin Longa and it does wonders in treatment of various health conditions because of its anti-inflammatory and disinfecting properties. This has been considered as a potential natural remedy for cancer treatment and is considered to be one of the best cancer fighting foods. It first identifies potential cancer cells on its own and then induces self-destruction of these harmful cells and at the same time it does no harm to good cells. Let’s see how:-

  1.  Curcumin helps in prevention of various types of cancer like skin cancer, esophageal cancer, lung cancer, pancreatic cancer and ovarian cancer. Its combination with cauliflower helps in preventing prostate cancer and with onions, it prevents colon cancer.
  2.  It also helps in preventing growth of lymphoma and cancerous tumors.
  3. It helps in inhibiting nitrosamine formation and aflatoxin production which are responsible for increasing the risk of cancer in the body.
  4. It helps in slowing down the spread of cancer cells by eliminating the harmful ones.
  5. It helps in preventing breast cancer from spreading in to lungs.
  6. The various mechanisms by which curcumin exerts its anti-cancer effects are diverse in nature mainly targeting cell growth.
  7. It is also a chemotherapeutic agent for various types of cancers.
  8. Its usage boosts immune system which plays an important role in cancer treatment.
  9. Its intake also reduces pain and inflammation which is common during cancer treatment.
  10. As an anti-oxidant, it saves cells from getting damaged thereby improving health condition of the cancer patient.
  11. Bacterial growth during cancer treatment can worsen the situation but curcumin supresses this bacterial growth in the body.





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